The TiSmart2 surgical kit is made of Radel®

The TiSmart2 surgical kit is made of Radel®, a plastic material suitable to harmlessly undergo a number of sterilization cycles and not generate oxidizing currents among the different metal components of the kit.
The use of permanent retaining O-rings eliminates the accumulation of blood residuals and organic contaminants that are usually found, even after a proper washing, in “old generation” surgical kits.
The TiSmart2 surgical kit complies with the Best Practice regulations in the sterilization field.
The color code identifies the surgical sequence and the relevant implant diameters.
Laser marking of all components and the relevant serigraphy on the housing hole allow for easy identification when returning the components back to the kit.
The TiSmart2 system provides straight flute drills that allow for the best directionality. Their design is suitable to collect the bone produced during corticotomy. The drills are equipped with a screwable stop to protect the most delicate anatomical structures at the most risk during all surgical phases

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