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The Bone Level TiSmart2 System is made in Titanium 99%

The Bone Level TiSmart2 System is made in Titanium 99%. There are four available diameters: 3.4, 3.75, 4.5, 5.0, with lengths varying from 7 mm to 15 mm. The implant body is cylindrical at the coronal area, conical in the center and apex. This shape helps the surgeon to correctly manage the intraradicular bone spaces and guarantees the best possible primary stability1-4.

The D.S.A. connection (Double Seal Action) is at double geometry: the coronal area is conical with an 11-degree angle which guides the insertion of the transfer and abutment, increasing the bacterial seal9. The internal section is hexagonal and stabilizes the abutment and helps reposition the prosthesis at 60° intervals. The constant size of the internal hexagon enables “Platform Switching”. As the implant diameter increases, it changes from a switch of 0.30 mm, for an implant diameter Ø 3.4 mm, to 1.10 mm for diameters larger than Ø 5.0 mm, which assures lower bone reabsorption and helps maintain the peri-implant soft tissue10-17, to the benefit of the long term aesthetic result18-21.

The variable geometry spirals enable modulating the implant primary stability during insertion, in all bone hardness conditions22-26. The micro-threading on the coronal area reduces bone reabsorption27-32 and therefore improves the long-term performance. The apical incisions (from three to four depending on the implant diameter and length) mean the implant is self-taping and easy to insert, and also guarantees excellent anti-rotation effect.

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